The Debating and Literary Society, St. Ninian’s Episcopal Church, Glasgow


Members of this society were most likely members of the congregation of St. Ninian’s Episcopal Church, which is located in Pollokshields, an area in the south side of Glasgow. (For more information about the area, see ‘Pollokshields, Glasgow. Origins & History‘ on the ScotCities website, and for a brief history of the church, see ‘St Ninian’s Church‘ on The Glasgow Story website. The church also has its own website with details on its twenty-first-century congregation and is available here.)

The People of St. Ninian’s 1872-1972 (1972) offers a good overview of the church’s historic literary society from its formation in 1899 until 1934. Among the group’s activities were debates, socials, dances, drama performances and concerts. In addition, the society had its own library, and games were on offer.


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1. (Mentioned in: Dell, Richard F., The People of St. Ninian’s 1872-1972: A Centenary Essay on a Congregation of the Episcopal Church, Glasgow ([Glasgow]: [The Church], 1972, pp. 8-10) (ML, Mitchell (GC) 283.41443 STN);

2. St. Ninian’s Episcopal Church, ‘Debating and Literary Society’, Monthly Magazine, Vol. XI, No. 2, February 1921 (Note: this magazine is found inside back cover of following material at Heritage Hub, Hawick: Melrose Literary Society, Melrose Literary and Debating Society Manuscript Magazine, Vol. 12, 1917-20 (HH, D/54/8/3))


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This society should not be confused with the Literary Society of St. Ninian’s Parish Church (1890?-?).