Literary Society of St. Ninian’s Parish Church


Members of this society were most likely part of the congregation of St. Ninian’s Parish Church, located at 429 Crown Street, in the Gorbals area of Glasgow. (For more information on this area, see the entry for ‘Gorbals, Glasgow. Origins & History‘ on ScotCities website).

There is little currently  known about this society. The information we have comes from an annotated newspaper clipping which is only identified as being from the Citizen (it is currently unknown if this is the Glasgow Citizen, or the Evening Citizen). The article reports on a debate entitled ‘Should an Eight Hours Bill be passed?’ that was held between a member of this society and a member from the Renwick Free Church (the vote was close but was won for the negative).

Date of Existence


Source of Information

(Newspaper clipping, annotated:) ‘Citizen 2/12/90’, in Minute Book of the Renwick Free Church Literary Association: Minute entry, 29 November 1890, Renwick Free Church Literary Association, 1889-1892, p. 58 [reverse side]


Glasgow City Archives

Reference Number

TD 396/30/1

Additional Notes

This society should not be confused with The Debating and Literary Society, St. Ninian’s Episcopal Church, Glasgow (1899-1934?).

See also Renwick Free Church Literary Association, with whom this society had a joint debate on 1 December 1890.