Literary and Scientific Association (associated with the Chartist Church, Glasgow)


There is little currently known about this association. The article in the Northern Star mentions that there were  three Chartist churches in Glasgow at the time (‘Chartist Intelligence. Glasgow’, Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser, 31 July 1841, p. 2). To date, it is unknown which church the group was associated with. (For a brief summary of the Chartist movement, see Glenn Everett’s article, ‘Chartism or The Chartist Movement‘ on The Victorian Web.)

Date of Existence

at least 1841-?

Source of Information

1. ‘Chartist Intelligence. Glasgow’, Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser, 31 July 1841, p. 2;

2. Scottish Patriot, 30 January 1841

(Note: both of these references are from Fraser, W. Hamish, Chartism in Scotland (Pontypool, Wales: Merlin Press, 2010), p. 256)


Reference Number

Additional Notes

The Northern Star and the Scottish Patriot are available through the British Newspaper Archive: