The Thom Society


The evidence for this society comes George Hull’s The Poets and Poetry of Blackburn (1793-1902) (1902).

This Glaswegian literary group was devoted to the study of the poetry and songs of Robert W. Thom (30 December 1816-?). Thom was author of The Courtship and Wedding o’ Jock o’ the Knowe and Other poems (1878), The Epochs: A  Poem (1884), and Poems and Ballads: (Scotch and English) (1886).

The society was running during Thom’s lifetime, but further details are currently unknown.

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George Hull, The Poets and Poetry of Blackburn (1793-1902) (Blackburn, [The Author], 1902).


(The Poets and Poetry of Blackburn: National Library of Scotland)

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