The British Empire Shakespeare Society


This society was the Glasgow branch of the larger British Empire Shakespeare Society that was founded by Greta Morritt (actress) in 1901. According to The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare, she founded the society ‘to promote Shakespeare’s works throughout the Empire by co-ordinating reading circles, dramatic readings, and costume recitals. It published an official gazette 1915–39’ (Susan Brock, ‘British Empire Shakespeare Society’, The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare, 2nd edn (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015)).

The 1911-1912 Glasgow Post Office directory gives the objects of and subscription fees for the Glasgow society:

‘ (1) To promote greater familiarity with Shakespeare’s works among all classes throughout the British Empire by organizing Dramatic Readings and acting scenes from Shakespeare’s Plays, and by lectures on his life and work. (2) To help the rising generation not only to study Shakespeare’s plays but to love them. Life Membership, £5. Yearly Subscription, 5s.’

(‘The British Empire Shakespeare Society’, ‘Artistic, Literary, and Scientific Institutions’, Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1911-1912… (Glasgow: Aird & Coghill, 1911), p. 1821)

The society’s listing in the Post Office directory for 1914-1915 shows that the annual subscription had gone up to 6s. The rather high annual subscription (as compared to 2s 6d, the average for other literary societies during this period) would suggest that this society was most likely composed of mostly middle-class members.

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