Waverley Literary & Drama Association


This is little currently known about this society. The evidence that we have comes from a programme for the group’s ‘Thirty-first Dramatic Entertainment’, which was scheduled to be held on 30 April 1880. The front cover states that the association was formed in 1872, and a list of its office bearers is given.

The programme consists of a comic drama, ‘Good for Nothing’, a ‘domestic drama’ called ‘Harvest Storm’, and a ‘Screaming Farce’ named ‘To Paris and Back for £5’. There is no further information provided about the association itself.

Date of Existence


Source of Information

[Programme for ‘Thirty-first Dramatic Entertainment’], 30 April 1880


Mitchell Library Special Collections

Reference Number

Glasgow Scrapbooks, No. 29 (p. 82)

Additional Notes