Ruskin Society of Glasgow; Society of the Rose


The Glasgow Post Office directory published in 1881 provides the earliest information we have to date on this group and lists the office bearers and committee members. In addition, it gives the aims of the society, which were:

‘(1) to encourage and promote the study and circulation of Mr. Ruskin’s writing; (2) to form a centre of union for Mr. Ruskin’s friends and disciples; and (3) to promote such life and learning as may fitly and usefully abide in this country. Members and associates have the use of the collection of Mr. Ruskin’s writings belonging to the society. The society offers readings from Mr. Ruskin’s works, or papers on his teachings, to mutual improvement and kindred associations.’

(‘The Ruskin Society of Glasgow’, ‘Literary and Scientific Institutions’, Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1881-1882… (Glasgow: William Mackenzie, 1881), p. 113)

In 1902, the meetings for this society were held fortnightly at the Masonic Chambers, located at 100 West Regent Street. The annual subscription in that year was 5 shillings, which made it more expensive than most other groups at that time, which charged on average 2s 6p per session. This group was most likely made up of middle-class members.

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Source of Information

1. Records of the Ruskin Society of Glasgow: Society of the Rose, 1882-1909 (Minute books, library records, letter book, etc., c.1882-1909) (UGSC, MS Gen 1093 (1-10));

2. ‘The Ruskin Society of Glasgow’, ‘Literary and Scientific Institutions’, Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1881-1882… (Glasgow: William Mackenzie, 1881), p. 113;

3. ‘The Ruskin Society of Glasgow Society of the Rose’, ‘Educational Institutions’, Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1902-1903… (Glasgow: Aird & Coghill, 1902) p. 183


Mitchell Library (Glasgow Post Office directory)

National Library of Scotland (Glasgow Post Office directory)

University of Glasgow Special Collections (UGSC)

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The Glasgow Post Office directories are available at the Mitchell Library and the National Library of Scotland. Digitised copies are available through the NLS website: