Hutchesontown Free Church Young Men’s Literary Society


Hutchesontown is an area to the south of the River Clyde and forms part of the Gorbals. (For more information about the area, see ‘Gorbals , Glasgow. Origins & History‘ on the ScotCities website.)

Members of this society were most likely part of the congregation of the Hutchesontown Free Church, located at 114 Eglinton Street, just down the street from the Eglinton United Presbyterian Church. (For more information on this church, see ‘Glasgow — Hutchesontown‘ on the Ecclegen website.)

There is little currently known about this society. The only information we have comes from the minute book of the Free Church Students’ Literary Association, wherein this group is mentioned.

Date of Existence


Source of Information

(Mentioned in Minute-Book of Free Church Students’ Literary Association: Minute-book of Free Church Students’ Literary Association, Glasgow, 1869-1871)


University of Glasgow Special Collections

Reference Number

MS Gen 898

Additional Notes

See also Free Church Students’ Literary Association.