Govanhill Literary Association


Govanhill is an area in the south side of Glasgow, and north of Queen’s Park. (For more information about this area, see the entry for ‘Govanhill‘ on Wikipedia.) It is currently unknown if this association was attached to one of the local churches (which is quite likely) or was an independent group.

There is little currently known about this society. The only evidence we have comes from the syllabus of another literary group, the Queen’s Park U. P. Church Young Men’s Institute, which lists the date on which the Govanhill Literary Association was scheduled to participate in a joint debate with them (see below).

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(Listed as having a joint debate with the Queen’s Park U. P. Church Young Men’s Institute on 14 February 1889: ‘Syllabus’, 1888-1889, Queen’s Park U. P. Church Young Men’s Literary Institute (Glasgow City Archives, Mitchell Library, Glasgow, Queen’s Park, St. George’s UP, UF Church, Literary Institute syllabus, 1875-1912)


Glasgow City Archives

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See also Queen’s Park, St. George’s UP, UK Church Literary Institute, with whom they had a joint debate in 1889.