Glasgow Coleridge Club


There is very little information currently known about this society. The only details we have come from the minutes of the Glasgow Addisonian Literary Society, a group discussed in Simon Berry’s Applauding Thunder (2013).

According to Berry, in 1848, the Glasgow Coleridge Club had a joint soiree with the Glasgow Addisonian Literary Society. It seems the two groups were planning on amalgamating, but this did not come to fruition.

To date, we have not been able to track down the current location of the Addisonian Literary Society minute book.


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Source of Information

Berry, Simon, Applauding Thunder: Life, Work and Critics of Alexander Smith (Inverness: FTTR Press, 2013), p. 35


Mitchell Library

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SP 821.8 SMI 9/BER

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See also Glasgow Addisonian Literary Society