Calton Wesleyan-Methodist Congregational Young Men’s Society


Calton is a district just to the east of Glasgow’s city centre. (For more information about this area, see Gordon Adams’s article, ‘Calton’ on the East Glasgow History website.) Members of this young men’s society were most likely part of the congregation of the Calton Wesleyan-Methodist Church. According to the Glasgow Post Office directory, the church was one of three Wesleyan Methodist chapels in the city at the time when this society was running. Daniel S. Tatham was minister in 1839.

To date, we don’t know how many young men belonged to this society, nor how long the group was in existence. The information we do have comes from the society’s magazine that was produced by and for its members (see ‘Additional Notes’ below). There are a total of 15 extant issues of this magazine.

Date of Existence


Source of Information

Calton Wesleyan-Methodist Congregational Young Men’s Society Magazine, ed. by G. Currie, March 1839-January 1840, with Supplement to Dec. 1839; Mar. 1840-May 1840


Mitchell Library Special Collections

Reference Number

Mitchell (AL) 585510-585510a

Additional Notes

From the Mitchell Library online catalogue on the magazines: ‘Note: Handwritten anthology of essays and poems on religious subjects, missionary intelligence, letters to the editor[.] Donated by Miss H.E. Waddel’ [accessed 21 January 2018].

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