St. Stephen’s Literary Association


Members of this association were most likely part of the congregation of St. Stephen’s Church. At the time that this group was running, they would have been based at the church built in 1850 for the congregation on New City Road, perhaps meeting in halls that were subsequently built in 1872. (For more information on this church, see ‘Glasgow — St. Stephen’s‘ on the Ecclegen website.)

On February 16th, 1893, the group hosted a joint debate at the church with the St. Columba Literary Association and the Wellington Church Literary Association in attendance (Minute entry, 16 February 1893, Wellington United Presbyterian Church, Literary Association [Fifth] Minute Book, 1892-1896, pp. 58-9 (GCA, CH3/1238/1-2)).

The group produced its own magazine in manuscript that contained original contributions written by and for its members (see ‘Additional Notes’ below). Unfortunately, there are no further details or information about the society in this magazine.

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Source of Information

1. Souvenir: St. Stephen’s, 1892 (MLSC, Mitchell (GC) 285.241443 STS 211754);

2. (Mentioned in Wellington United Presbyterian Church Literary Association, Minute Book, 1892-96, ‘Syllabus 1892-93’, p. 26 (GCA, CH3/1238/2));

3. St. Stephen’s Kirk Session, The Lads’ Own Magazine, 1895 (GCA, CH2/1373/12)


Glasgow City Archives (GCA)

Mitchell Library Special Collections (MLSC)

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(See Source of Information)

Additional Notes

See also Wellington United Presbyterian Church Literary Association and St. Columba Literary Association, with whom they had at least one joint debate.

See also entry for The Lads’ Own Magazine on our sister website, Literary Bonds.