Pollokshields Literary and Art Circle


Pollokshields is an area in the south side of Glasgow. (For more information on this area, see the entry for ‘Pollokshields, Glasgow. Origins & History‘ on the ScotCities website). The information that we currently have on this society comes solely from the magazine that was produced by and for society members in manuscript (see ‘Additional Notes’ below). In 1890, there were 30 men and women listed as members.

The contributions in the magazine offer few clues about the society that produced them. There is a piece called ‘The Romance of a Literary & Art Circle’ (pp. 11-25) about a fictional literary group called the Lonsdale Art & Literary Cirlce, but it not possible to discern to what extent the group represented in the story resembles the Pollokshields circle.

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Pollokshields Literary and Art Circle, P.L.A.C. Monthly Magazine, May 1890


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