Original Union Club


There is very little information currently known about this club. The information that we have comes from a newspaper clipping from the ‘Times’, possibly the Glasgow Evening Times. This newspaper article was placed in a scrapbook complied by William Young (1845-1916). Young was a Glasgow artist and his series of scrapbooks are housed in the Mitchell Library.

The article was written many years after the Original Union Club had ceased to exist, and the author  claims to be using information from the club minute book, which is apparently to hand. Unfortunately, it appears that the minutes and the scrapbook of original poetry he describes have not survived.

According to this anonymous author of the article, ‘Old Glasgow Poets’ Club’, the Original Union Club was more of a social drinking club that met in the Pope’s Eye Tavern in 1831 and 1832 (at least). The club business was to raise frequent toasts, and to read original poetry aloud to the group. If the poems passed muster, they would be recorded into a club scrapbook (see ‘Additional Notes’ below). A list of former members is provided, and the ‘chief poets’ of the club are identified, all of whom were either Whigs or Tories, there being ‘no Radicals present’.

Date of Existence


Source of Information

(Newspaper clipping, annotated:) ‘Times. 9 Dec. 1908’ [‘Old Glasgow Poets’ Club’]


Mitchell Library Special Collections

Reference Number

Young’s Scrapbooks, Vol. 21, p. 54

Additional Notes

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