Western Literary Club (currently unknown if this is Western Club, founded 1825)


There is little currently known about this club. The information we have comes from an 1846 newspaper article in the Glasgow Courier, which was reprinted in the London Morning Post. According to the article, in 1841, William Wordsworth accepted the honorary  post of patron of the Western Literary Club. The article quotes a letter from him. The poet thanks the club secretary for sending a newspaper article on the club, in which is mentioned the club’s intention to form a library, to which he expressed the wish to donate an autographed copy of his poems. There are no other details on the group in this article.

Date of Existence

1834? (possibly 1841)-?

Source of Information

‘Mr. Wordsworth’s Connections with the Literary Institutions of Glasgow’, Morning Post, 21 November 1846, p. 6 (reference to meeting of 1841)

(Note: this issue of the Morning Post has been digitised and is available on the British Newspaper Archive website. For information about viewing copies of the Glasgow Courier, see ‘Additional Notes’ below).


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Additional Notes

Copies of the Glasgow Courier are available at the Mitchell Library and the National Library of Scotland. For digitised copies of both the Morning Post, see the British Newspaper Archivehttps://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/

This article notes that the piece is from the Glasgow Courier for Thursday, 19 November 1846.