Sir Walter Scott Club


The Glasgow Post Office directory for 1896-1897 lists the prestigious office bearers and prominent members of the community who belonged to this club. In addition, it gives the group’s object, which was ‘[…] to promote the study of Sir Walter Scott’s life and writings, and encourage a more familiar acquaintance with the localities rendered classic by his pen. Information as to membership may be obtained from the treasurer or secretary.’

(‘The Sir Walter Scott Club’, ‘Artistic, Literary, and Scientific Institutions’, Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1896-1897… (Glasgow: William Mackenzie, 1896), p. 156)

The 1903-1904 Post Office directory includes the subscription fees: members were charged 2s 6d entry free, and the same for an annual membership. In the 1906-1907 directory, the life membership was listed as being £1 1s.

Date of Existence

30 March 1891-(at least 1900)

Source of Information

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Mitchell Library (Glasgow Post Office directory)

Mitchell Library Special Collections (MLSC) (all other listed sources)

Reference Number

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Additional Notes

Alexander Lamont (head-master of one of the local schools in the 1880s at least, and published author) was a member of this club, as well as the Wellpark Free Church Literary Society, and the Glasgow Ballad Club.

The Glasgow Post Office directories are available at the Mitchell Library and the National Library of Scotland. Digitised copies are available through the NLS website: