Langside (Literary) Society


Langside is an area in the south side of Glasgow. (For more information on this area, see the entry for ‘Langside‘ on TheGlasgowStory website, and  ‘Langside & Battlefield. Illustrated Guide‘ on the ScotCities website).

There is little currently known about this society. It may have been connected with the Langside Free Church. (For more information on this church, see ‘Glasgow — Langside‘ on the Ecclegen website.)

The only information we currently have comes from another society, the Wellington Free Church Literary Association. Its 1901 report records that there were two joint meetings organised with the group, one being a mock Parliamentary Election. The second was a debate between the two societies. This, however, was cancelled due to the death of Queen Victoria.

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(Mentioned in Wellington, U.F. Church, printed report: ‘Report of Wellington United Free Church, Glasgow, for the Year Ended 30th September, 1901’, ‘Report of the Literary Association’, [pp. 39-40])


Glasgow City Archives

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See also Wellington United Presbyterian Church Literary Association, which had joint meetings with this Society.