Glasgow Sunday Society


Details on this group come from the Glasgow Post Office directory for 1884-1885, that gives the following summary, which includes a rather lengthy list of its 26 vice-presidents:

‘Objects of the society — (1) To obtain the opening of museums, art galleries, libraries, and gardens on Sundays; (2) to promote the delivery of Sunday lectures on literary philosophical, and scientific subjects; (3) to provide concerts of high-class music on Sundays. Office bearers — President, Professor John Tyndall, D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., &c.; vice-presidents, Prof. Alex Bain, LL.D., A. Bethune, Esq., of Blebo, Prof. John Stuart Blackie, James Brownlee, Esq., Prof. Edward Caird, LL.D., Duncan Cameron, Esq., Robert Dick, Esq., James Dick, Esq., Rev. John Glasse, M.A., J. B. Hannay, Esq., F.C.S., Bret Hart, Esq., U.S. Consul, Prof. William Knight, LL.D., Andrew L. Knox, Esq., Andrew S. M’Cllelland, Esq., J.P., Dr. A. Neilson , F.F.P.S., Prof. John Nichol, LL.D., Andrew Paton, Esq., John Pullar, Esq., Rev. Alex. Rattray, M.A., Dr. H. J. Smith, Dr. Allan Thomson, LL.D., F.R.S., Prof. J. Thomson, J. C. Wakefield, Esq., J.P., Rev. F. W. Walters, M.A., Rev. Alex. Webster, M.A. (Edinburgh), Dr. Andrew Wilson, F.R.S.E., &c.; hon. treasurer, G. L. Clark, Esq., 51 West Regent street; hon. secretary, J. Shaw Maxwell, 108 Renfield street’.

(‘Glasgow Sunday Society’, ‘Miscellaneous’, Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1884-1885… (Glasgow: William Mackenzie, 1884), p. 124)

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‘Glasgow Sunday Society’, ‘Miscellaneous’, Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1884-1885… (Glasgow: William Mackenzie, 1884), p. 124


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