Glasgow Athenaeum French Literary Club


Modeled on the Manchester Athenaeum, the Glasgow Athenaeum was founded in 1847 as a literary an scientific institution. (For more information about this organisation, see ‘Athenaeum opening‘ on The Glasgow Story website, and ‘Administrative / Biographical History‘  for the ‘Records of the Glasgow Athenaeum Commercial College / Glasgow and West of Scotland Commercial College / Scottish College of Commerce’ on the Archives Hub website, which includes details of the records which are part of holdings of the University of Strathclyde Archives.)

There is little information currently known about this society. The details that we have come from the Glasgow Post Office directory, which lists its office bearers, club object, the frequency of its meetings, and an overview of its activities:

‘ […] Hon. president, C.A. Chardenal; hon. vice-president, Timothy Bost; president, Georges Emile Barbier; vice-president, Jas S. Docherty; minute secretary, R. D. Maclean; corresponding secretary and treasurer, John Newlands, 93 Candleriggs. The object of this club is to encourage the study of the French language and literature, and to promote fluency of speech in French among its members. Meetings are held weekly from September to March, in the Athenaeum buildings, at which papers are read and criticised.’

(‘Glasgow Athenaeum French Literary Club’, ‘Educational Institutions’, Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1888-1889… (Glasgow: William Mackenzie, 1888), p. 126)

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‘Glasgow Athenaeum French Literary Club’, ‘Educational Institutions’, Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1888-1889… (Glasgow: William Mackenzie, 1888), p. 126


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The Glasgow Post Office directories are available at the Mitchell Library and the National Library of Scotland. Digitised copies are available through the NLS website: